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What is ContentSync?
An AEM ebook builder that allowed you to create, personalize, track and sync engagement data with Adobe Analytics.
Can I sync my ebook engagement data with my marketing automation solution?
Yes, ContentSync will sync data to Eloqua or Marketo. It can also sync data to Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.
Why ContentSync?
  • Easily create ebooks within AEM.
  • Leverage your existing Adobe investment. No issues with disparate solutions.
  • No security concerns from using content systems hosted on a different domain.
  • Better leverage Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target with your ebooks. Create ebooks within AEM.
What IT support does ContentSync require?
ContentSync leverages your existing AEM installation. If you are like most AEM customers, you won’t require custom configuration. Basic configuration only requires the support of your AEM administrator to follow our simple configuration steps for ContentSync.
What can I use ContentSync for?
Below are some of the many use cases for ContentSync.
  • Tracking content engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Data Enrichment
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Personalized Content Experiences
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Customer Support
How scalable is this if we want to deploy ebooks on a global level?
ContentSync is scalable because it leverages AEM templates and access rights to support multiple languages, user levels, and sophisticated global AEM deployments.
Are the ebooks mobile responsive?
Yes, the ebooks are viewable on mobile and desktop.
Can you help define or refine my strategy?
If you don’t even have a strategy completed vetted and figured out yet, Enautics has award-winning strategy consultants who have generated significant results for our customers. Rest assured you won’t end up with an under-leveraged technology because of a lack of strategic capabilities.
How do I contact support?
You can contact support at
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