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Does SegmentSync sync data bi-directionally?

Yes, SegementSync bi-directionally syncs Eloqua and Adobe Analytics data.

Why is your integration the official Eloqua and Adobe Analytics integration?

The reason we are the official integration is that Oracle contacted Enautics specifically to build an integration that would replace their legacy integration. We worked directly with Oracle and Adobe engineer teams to replicate the existing integration features, upgrade its abilities, and worked with Adobe to remove the Oracle legacy integration listing, and backend configuration to replace it with ours. This is the only solution Oracle selected to be built to replace their integration.

Why did Oracle choose Enautics to build a replacement for their integration?

It is because Enautics was Oracle's go-to partner for integrating Eloqua with Adobe Analytics. It’s our specialization and because of the complexities with Adobe Analytics, Oracle understood a data mover solution wouldn’t meet the essential foundational syncing needs.

What makes this integration better than data movers and internal integrations?

Data Movers: Every data moving solution we have reviewed are just that, moving data. When it comes to Adobe Analytics, the data must be added at the right time, in the right format, and by the correct visitor session or you will be faced with a sub-performing integration and reports.

Internal Integrations: From what we have seen most of the internally built integrations have challenges properly leveraging bi-directional syncing, sync speeds are often too slow, and are missing key data points. Since our solution was built by true Adobe Analytics experts, you get more actionable data faster because it properly leverages the Adobe Analytics framework.

Can you help define or refine my strategy?

Yes, if you don’t have a strategy completely vetted and figured out yet, Enautics has award-winning strategy consultants who have generated significant results for our customers. Rest assured you won’t end up with an under-leveraged technology because of a lack of strategic capabilities. We help customers define or refine strategy and optimize their Adobe Analytics to support the strategy so they can take advantage of the integration. This has helped customers avoid costly integration errors and oversight.

Can you help us define reporting requirements?

Yes, our reporting abilities have contributed to reports that have helped with Eloqua Markies because of an increase in campaign performance insights. Also, we use Adobe Analytics, Eloqua, and Adobe Target daily and understand the demands of enterprise marketers.

What IT support does SegmentSync require?

There is no IT support required for setting up SegmentSync. It requires a separate secure system user for access to Eloqua and Adobe Analytics to be installed.

How do I contact support?

You can contact support at

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