Your Vision, Our Experience

What We Do For You

Everyday Emarketing changes, presenting new challenges and new technology. How do you leverage the proper strategies and technologies? Enautics can show you how. We start by initiating what we call a "Waypoint Analysis". Below is an explanation of our consulting framework which includes Waypoint, ResultsGen, and SuccessGen.

We’ll discuss your goals, analyze your existing technology stack, resources, challenges, and baseline metrics. We will then tailor our recommendations to your specific needs. At the completion of the WayPoint engagement, we’ll present a playbook covering which improvements to make and identifying the projects needed to achieve your goals.

Want some help implementing a specific strategy or technology from your playbook? ResultsGen is an integration and deployment engagement, that focuses on projects such as, technology integration, configure scoring, nurture flows, and analytics. We’ll draw on our knowledge of best practices and the latest data on improving results to coach your team to a successful real-world solution.

SuccessGen is our managed services engagement. Under this engagement, we can execute the WayPoint playbook, campaign execution, ongoing strategic consulting, campaign performance management and become a strategic partner.