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Does AssetSync sync data bi-directionally?

Yes, AssetSync utilizes bi-directionally syncs between Eloqua or Responsys and AEM.

Why did Oracle ask Enautics to build this AEM integration?

Oracle asked us to build this integration because one of their enterprise automotive customers uses Responsys and wanted to sync assets with AEM with version control.

What makes AssetSync unique compared to other AEM integrations?

AssetSync is the only solution to sync AEM assets into Eloqua and Responsys bidirectionally. We have seen another solution that doesn’t sync assets but shows a window to allow you to select AEM assets for Eloqua to reference. The problem with that approach is your assets are being served by AEM and it drives up your bandwidth and AEM cost. The approach we took is assets are truly automatically synced into Eloqua or Responsys with version control. This allows you to let the assets be served by the email solution that sent the email without potential increased cost or demands place on AEM.

Does AssetSync require the issue of dynamic email or landing pages in order to use AEM assets?

There is no need to create dynamic Eloqua emails and Landing pages in order to use AEM assets. This is because the same asset lives inside of Eloqua or Responsys.

Can I offer personalization in my AEM pages from Eloqua visitors?

Yes, this is possible and fully supported. You will be able to personalize web pages for known Eloqua visitors even if they didn’t click and email. Yes, that is correct. You will be able to conduct 1to1 real-time website personalization even for Eloqua known visitors who were sent an email but didn’t open or click that email.

Can Eloqua use AssetSync to support AEM forms?

Yes, Your can Access Eloqua forms in AEM.

What IT support does AssetSync require?

No IT support is required for setting up AssetSync. It requires a separate secure system user for access to Eloqua and AEM in order for it to be installed.

How do I contact support?

You can contact support at

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