Why Should You Use AssetSync for Your Adobe Analytics and Eloqua Integration?

  • All edited AEM assets that were synced to Eloqua will be automatically synced with AEM daily.
  • Keeps AEM latency low.
  • Personalize ebooks for your ABM target accounts in real-time using your personalization solution.
  • Keeps AEM bandwidth cost down.
  • Assets served by Eloqua or Responsys instead of AEM.
  • Asset Version Control.
  • No need to be forced to set up and use dynamic emails. Your existing emails and landing pages can continue to leverage assets hosted by Eloqua.

Enautics has been an Oracle and Adobe Analytics partner since 2009. Completing more integrations between the two solutions than any other company, Enautics has successfully completed over 100 projects. They chose Enautics to to build integrations between the Oracle Marketing Cloud and the Adobe Experience Cloud. Why? Because we successfully work with the world’s largest companies to help them get more value from both technologies.

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