eNautics Consulting

eNautics Consulting helps you succeed at eMarketing initiatives that generate both rapid and long-term results. Our experience, skill and knowledge will help you accomplish critical Marketing goals, including:

  • Increased qualified leads for your sales team to call.
  • Lower customer acquisition cost.
  • Increased revenue per sale.
  • Substantial and quantifiable increase in product launch results.

eNautics’ models have generated results such as:

  • Tens of thousands new social media followers
  • Thousands of Leads and new customers
  • Over $1.9 billion dollars in top-line revenue

What types of strategies, tactics, technologies, and models does it take to generate results like these? Those are the questions eNautics consulting will help you answer for your organization.

There are three phases to an eNautics Consulting engagement:

  1. WayPoint is our analysis and recommendation program.
  2. ResultsGen is our short-term execution and advisory program.
  3. SuccessGen is our long-term strategic optimization and advisory program.


WayPoint is a comprehensive eMarketing analysis and planning process. eNautics uses WayPoint to determine the optimal way for you, with your unique products, culture and customers, to optimize your eMarketing initiatives.

With WayPoint, eNautics gathers baseline metrics for improvement that will help position your offering in the market place. WayPoint involves a comprehensive analysis of your current situation, using techniques ranging from one-on-one interviews with team members, conducting or reviewing NPS surveys and reviewing existing marketing efforts and metrics.

The WayPoint outcomes include formalized and strengthened eMarketing goals, Key Performance Indicators, and best practices recommendations.

Once the baselines have been identified, eNautics then develops a WayPoint plan that clearly delineates, in fully actionable detail, the Marketing strategies and tactics you need to implement to increase results, and the technologies you need to make that happen. This includes:

  • Lead Generation and Referral Model
  • Revenue Enhancer Model
  • Product Launch Model
  • Nurturing Models
  • Social Marketing Models


ResultsGen is an short-term consulting engagement, focused on the management and execution of the Waypoint Plan eNautics created for you. It is a comprehensive mix of strategic and tactical programs, designed to ensure optimal results for your WayPoint plan.

Success Exploitation

Success breeds success. eNautics programs helps you spot new and hidden opportunities, analyze and understand them, and then capitalize on them.

Marketing Automation and Social Marketing Execution

We’ll take you beyond Tweets, email and txt, and show you ways to deploy email, mobile and social media programs that generate results.

To learn more about how eNautics can help you execute strong eMarketing initiatives with ResultsGen, contact us today.


SuccessGen is a longer term strategic engagement. We’ll perform and execute the WayPoint plan, but we’ll also work with you to stay on top of the constantly shifting eMarketing waters. With us as your ongoing strategic partner, you’ll learn about, understand and exploit new opportunities before the competition.

To learn more about how eNautics can help you develop and execute long-term eMarketing strategies with SuccessGen, contact us today.