Increase Engagement with Drip Campaigns

Nurture email campaigns help you engage with your business’s email subscription list to encourage sales and develop lasting customer relationships. In many cases, it makes the most sense to create nurture email campaigns as autoresponder emails, so the emails go out automatically based on a trigger, such as a subscriber signing up for your email list or when a webinar is scheduled. You don’t want to send out so many emails that people unsubscribe or send out too few that customers don’t know who you are. Here are some delay schedules based on specific triggers to maximize subscriber engagement.

Engagement can be webinar attendance, watching over 50 percent of an online video, clicking emails and visiting high-valued content pages, or downloading PDFs.

Example New Email Subscriber Schedule

Any time that a new email subscriber signs up for your email subscription list, they should be sent a nurture campaign that delivers relevant education, value and offers. Here’s a sample delay schedule that you can use:

  • Day 0: Thank email subscribers for signing up and deliver lead magnet, if any.
  • Day 1: Provide background on your company.
  • Day 4: Send out information that’s valuable to your subscriber in terms of free content or relevant articles.
  • Day 7: Make an Engagement Offer. i.e. Free Consultation or Webinar.

Example Webinar Offer Email Schedule

When you schedule a webinar, you should create an email campaign to encourage your existing list to sign up for the upcoming webinar, show up to the webinar and take any desired follow-up steps. You might want to send an email at the following intervals to maximize how people engage:

  • Day 0: You announce your webinar and why people would want to attend.
  • Day 1: Personally invite subscribers to sign up.
  • Day 4: Remind subscribers of the webinar.
  • Day 7: Let subscribers know that they’ll miss out by not signing up.

How to Quantify Engagement

You’ll want to think about how to evaluate if people are engaged with your content. This could include if people ended up attending your webinar, watching more than 50 percent of an online video or clicking on the content you want them to read. You’ll need to determine what engagement metrics are important to you so you’ll know what to track.

Choosing an effective delay schedule in your nurture campaigns can make a difference in engagement. If your nurture campaign emails suffer from a lack of engagement insights, consider partnering with Enautics. We can help you get the data you need through appropriate integrations and expertise.

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