Top Use Cases for VidSync

By using VidSync to integrated their Oracle Eloqua solution with their video platforms our clients can now leverage several powerful business use cases. Below are some specific use cases:

1. Campaign Performance Clarity

SegmentSync allows you to have a clear view of how your campaigns are performing. You can build reports that show email sends, opens, clicks, bounce backs, unsubscribes and, Adobe Analytics metrics, all in one user interface. You can then break them down by other criteria including mobile, device type, and other Adobe Analytics metrics.

2. Cart Recovery Program

SegmentSync allows you to also conduct cart recovery campaigns. Normally, when someone goes to a shopping cart and adds a product to the cart; up to 85% of those carts are abandoned and not recovered. SegmentSync is the fastest enterprise integration that allows you to execute these recovery campaigns, in real time; as fast as 30 minutes, once the cart is abandoned.

3. Application Recovery Campaigns

For our Financial Service customers, an abandoned application is when someone starts to apply for a checking account or some other financial services product, and doesn’t finish the application sign up process. This allows real time syncing between the Oracle marketing cloud system and send out a remarketing/recovery email allowing them to save the user and resume their application.

4. 1to1 Real-Time Website Personalization

Clients who have Adobe Target, Optimizely, or Maximizer, can benefit from what we call, 1to1 Real-time Website Personalization. As the contact visits the website you can pull in CRM data that is stored in Eloqua to be used to customize visitor’s experience. We’ve seen this lead to an increase in your website’s engagement and offer responses.

5. Mobile Campaigns

Mobile is the fastest growing technology segment being used by the industry today. With this integration you can identify which of your visitors are using a mobile device, which manufacture, and which operating system, they’re using. This allows you to segment your campaigns according to those mobile users, and remarket to them depending on those given fields. For example, iPad vs iPhone users.

6. Late Buyer Campaigns

Every holiday season we have what is called “Late Buyers”. Late buyers, for those who have ecommerce, are people who wait till the last minute to make a purchase. They know it will get there in time, but push the limits. SegmentSync identifies those buyers and allows you to remarket to them and speed up the process by marketing to them in earlier stages.

7. Customer Onboarding Campaigns

With SegmentSync, Adobe Analytics will communicate with your email system when someone has purchased. You can start an automatic onboarding campaign that can take them down in a designated path to welcome them into your company or product, improving customer experience.

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