Top Use Cases for ContentSync

By using ContentSync to integrate their Adobe Experience Manager with Oracle Marketing Cloud our clients can now leverage several powerful business use cases. Below are some specific use cases:

1. Create AEM Hosted Ebooks

ContentSync allows you to easily create ebooks within AEM. Adding PDF, video and webpages are as easy as dragging and dropping assets into the ebook canvas.

2. 1to1 Personalized Ebook Experiences

ContentSync includes a built in data lake called DejaVu. It allows you to conduct 1to1 real-time ebook personalizations to your target accounts and visitors. Leverage Eloqua data, engagement data and Adobe Analytics data to personalize the ebook experience.

3. Increase Prospect's Engagement Rates

By offering top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel content journeys you will increase your engagement rates of your content. ContentSync allows you to create ebooks to get offered to your market that will allow them to trust, like and know your brand.

4. Increase Lead Generation

Using a web form, you can generate leads with your ebook content. Ebook web forms can be displayed for the entire ebook or a particular asset or content.

5. Improve ABM Engagement and Success

Have you thought of creating an ebook branded with your prospects brand colors and logo? By offering branded ebooks, you can improve your ABM experience and campaign success.

6. Decrease Your Known to Unknown Visitor Ratio

The Known to Unknown Visitor Ratio is an important metric for ABM campaigns. This metric tells you if your entire database of visitors visited your website today, how many of them would your website recognize as a known visitor? The lower the ratio the better you can personalize the experience. ContentSync has the ability for you to show experiences tailored for your unknown audience. This allows you to strategically get them to opt in to become known.

7. Eliminate Martech (Eloqua & Adobe) Silos

ContentSync allows you to get more from your Oracle and Adobe investment by leveraging the complete Adobe Experience Cloud framework. Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Launch and AEM become amplified when ContentSync is used to eliminate your data silos.

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