How Shopping Cart Recovery Solutions Impact Conversion Rates

Shopping cart recovery solutions keep items customers choose in their virtual shopping carts, even after they’ve left your e-commerce site and decided not to purchase something. It is an integral part of any successful and high-quality e-commerce site’s strategy because it streamlines the buying process and gently encourages sales. It enables more customers to follow through and make a purchase. This is how shopping cart recovery solutions impact conversion rates from prospective to paying customers.

Why Shopping Cart Recovery Solutions Work

Some customers take longer than others to make a purchase. Your job as an e-commerce site is to make that process easier. If a customer loses their internet connection, for example, you don’t want them to have to go to your website again to add everything back into their shopping cart. The odds are good that they won’t.

Additionally, for slow shoppers that need more time to think about their purchases, having a shopping cart recovery solution in place means that they can come back to make their purchase without having to put too much thought into it. With the average shopping cart abandonment rate at nearly 70 percent, online retailers need to do what they can to secure the sales they need.

Key Performance Metrics to Monitor

Before and after you install a shopping cart recovery solution, you should measure key performance metrics to know how your site is performing. You need to know your conversion rate for how many people put items in their shopping cart and followed through with purchasing it. You should see how many people abandoned their shopping cart and at what point they abandoned it. You should also be able to compare your sales volume before and after the implementation.

What to Do If Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Remains High

If your shopping cart abandonment rate remains high after you’ve implemented a shopping cart recovery solution on your website, it’s time to evaluate the rest of your online sales funnel. For instance, if shoppers always abandon their cart at the payment page, it’s possible that they felt that there were hidden costs your site didn’t properly disclose or that some aspect of the payment process was difficult. If shoppers leave before they get to the payment page, is there something about your website’s content that’s leaving them unfulfilled?

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