Abandoned Shopping Carts: Get them Back into the Checkout Lane!

Marketing is all about one thing and one thing only – driving sales. Your marketing department has a tougher job than ever, though, because winning customers today is a daunting task.

No matter what you are selling, the competition is fierce. Marketers can’t just throw campaigns and promotions against the wall and hope something sticks. Programs need to be laser-focused, markets accurately targeted.

Fortunately, there are tools available to help. Adobe Analytics, for example, allows you to gauge the impact of a campaign by creating segments.

For this blog post, we’ll deal with a particular segment: consumers who respond to a campaign by visiting your e-Commerce site and selecting a product to purchase. They click through till the very end, selecting size, color, style or whatever appropriate options, but then abandon your cart without clicking the “Buy” icon.

What happened? You can use Adobe Analytics to try to discern the answer by weighing commonalities among the “non-buyers,” and that might do you some good, especially if you can follow up quickly with a customized email to them.

That’s why you’ve enlisted the aid of Eloqua. With a Marketing Automation Program like Eloqua, the follow up becomes much easier to execute. But while Eloqua will generate the emails automatically, it will not give you the required deep insights into the members of the cart abandonment segment.

Your marketing department will have to do that manually. This would be a slow, tedious and unreliable solution. Anything done manually increases the chance of error. Or, they can use a legacy integration tool, but that can take up to 24 hours to sync.

Neither doing it manually nor using the legacy solution provides you with the immediate follow up that you need to avoid losing the momentum that drives sales.


The ideal answer is to have a tool that syncs Adobe Analytics with Eloqua and does it quickly. SegmentSync from Enautics is the ideal solution. Not only does it provide two-way syncing, it does it fast — up to 48 times faster than the most prevalent legacy tools. It also provides the same function for another Oracle product, Responsys.

Effective follow up often depends on velocity. Velocity will help you turn those “almost customers” into buyers. And for the chronically reluctant, Adobe Analytics in sync with Eloqua or Responsys will provide scheduled follow-up to the segment you choose on the schedule that you choose.