Marketers: don’t write off the “nearly-converted.”

The nearly-converted. That’s a great way to describe shoppers who visit your Website and almost make the purchase. You utilized your cloud-based Marketing Automation Program to conduct a great email campaign, and it got them to round third base. But to your chagrin, they stopped and headed back before reaching home plate.

But you don’t want to write them off, by any means. And, if you’re using Adobe Analytics and Oracle Eloqua or Responsys, there’s a great way to make sure you’re not. It’s a tool called SegmentSync, and it provides a bi-directional sync between Adobe Analytics and the Oracle programs.

Adobe Analytics and Oracle Eloqua and Responsys

Adobe Analytics allows you to build marketing segments; that is, highly-filtered groups within your target market database. For example, one segment might be the aforementioned visitors to your e-Commerce site who, for some reason, just didn’t pull the trigger. Eloqua and Responsys allow you to conduct the email marketing campaigns directly to that segment. Generally, to make this process smoother, you’ll want to sync the data between Adobe Analytics and Oracle Eloqua or Responsys.

Traditionally, this, would take twenty-four hours. That’s less than optimal performance, as it gives the nearly-converted an entire day to find another solution or abandon the search altogether. But imagine if you could have automation syncing software that provides bi-directional data syncing every 30 minutes. It’s almost as if Adobe Analytics and Eloqua or Responsys were having a conversation in real time.

Conclusion: nearly-converted to “newly-converted”

That’s a horse of a different color. Now, your visitor receives a targeted email with a call to action in well under an hour from the time he or she was one click away. As a matter of fact, they may still be on your site when the email is sent. It’s a chance to add immediacy to the issue, to regain the momentum before it’s lost.

Because SegmentSync is bi-directional, it can also make your future campaigns more effective. Automatically syncing your Eloqua or Responsys email campaign metrics into Adobe Analytics can give you the information you need to make the targets of subsequent email marketing campaigns more granular, more precise and more accurate.

When you consider the fact that convincing “window shoppers” to become actual buyers often takes multiple emails, the quicker you can start the process the better. That’s why SegmentSync from Enautics should be considered a must-have for customers of Adobe Analytics and Oracle Eloqua or Responsys. With SegmentSync, you can increase your response velocity and thereby maximize your chances to convert the nearly-converted into the newly-converted.