How to Evaluate Webinar Success through Conversions

When you take the time to host a webinar, you want it to be successful. One way to evaluate the webinar’s effectiveness is to see how many people converted from one part of the sales funnel to the next. For instance, you can measure how many people registered for the webinar and actually showed up to watch the whole webinar. Here is more information about what conversions mean at each of these points on the sales funnel for webinar attendance.

Registered for a Webinar

Sometimes, the most difficult conversion is the first. How many people saw the advertisement for your webinar and signed up? If many people sign up for your webinar, the marketing was successful. However, if the marketing campaign you used to get people to sign up for the webinar caused very few people to sign up, there might be an opportunity to change your strategy for the next webinar.

Attended Half of the Webinar

If a person attended only half of your webinar, this could mean a few things. They might have felt that the webinar didn’t match their expectations or they ran out of time. You could focus follow up emails and other communication on what topics the rest of the webinar covered that the participant missed. This way, the participant will still get all of the information.

Attended All of the Webinar

If the participant attended the whole webinar, your webinar is likely engaging and matched the expectations you set up with your marketing efforts. The next metric you’d want to evaluate is how many people attended the whole webinar and took the steps you asked them to. For instance, how many people enrolled in a subsequent class or paid for a membership as a result of your webinar. This is how you know that your webinar is the most effective.

Additionally, to know how your webinar performed, you’ll need some technology to measure engagement. Enautics’s Eloqua and Adobe Connect integrations allow a marketer to see this detailed level of webinar engagement. With this data, you could continue to refine your webinar process until it is the best it can be.

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