Top Use Cases for AssetSync

By using AssetSync to integrate their Oracle Eloqua solution with their video platforms our clients can now leverage several powerful business use cases. Below are some specific use cases:

1. Automatically Sync AEM Assets to Eloqua

AssetSync is an active integration which means it syncs assets between Eloqua and AEM. Connector based apps don’t support assets syncing between both systems and deny you having the assets within Eloqua. This is because connectors are just that, they connect you to AEM where you must manually select an asset that will always be hosted by AEM. This causes many challenges as you will always need to use dynamic content because the asset isn’t being hosted by Eloqua.

2. Utilize Asset Version Control

When an asset is changed in the email solution like Eloqua or Responsys, AssetSync recognizes this and will sync the version to AEM for version control.

3. Improve Time Savings and Team Efficiency

With AssetSync, you will no longer need to import assets into Eloqua or Responsys manually. This will save your email marketing team many hours per month.

4. Leverage AEM and Eloqua Forms

If you want to leverage Eloqua forms in AEM or AEM forms in Eloqua, both options are supported by AssetSync. Simply select the Eloqua form you want to use in AEM via our user interface and it will appear within AEM for configuration.

5. Integrate AEM & Eloqua Without Increased Bandwidth Usage

Many AEM customers will purchase CDN to reduce their AEM bandwidth usage. Eloqua and Responsys already provides this for emails, landing pages, images and other assets that are used as part of their service. Because AssetSync truly is an integration and not a connector, the AEM assets are synced to Eloqua and Responsys for hosting. This means, AEM isn’t being utilized to serve the assets to your prospects or customers. The end results, AEM bandwidth won’t increase with the utilization of AssetSync.

6. Eliminate Eloqua & AEM Martech Silos

As a result of the integration you will eliminate the asset and data silo between AEM, Eloqua and Responsys. Until now, your team had to either receive the assets via a local network drive, zip file or manually upload them one by one into Eloqua or Responsys. This asset silo is removed with AssetSync so your team can focus on tasks that requires their attention.

7. Advanced Progressive Profiling

With Eloqua, AEM, and your personalization solution, you can now personalize experiences in real-time. Schedule an insights call below, so we can share our insights on this use case.

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