Reporting Enhancers

Answer marketing questions with clarity from reporting breakdowns.

Campaign Performance Clarity

As mentioned in the Simple User Interface features page, SegmentSync supports preconfigured campaign reporting best practices which will allow you to have Campaign Performance Clarity unlike any other data moving or internal integration options.

Reporting Metrics Breakdowns

The Adobe Analytics reporting framework allows for the break down of data with other data points. For example, you could have a report that shows me all ABM campaign members who are in the technology space and who have engaged with our video content. With breakdowns, you can breakdown the report by who has a mobile device. This type of insightful reporting will be absent from any data moving integration.

Answer Deep Marketing Questions

With the correct reporting enhancements in place, you will now be able to answer deep marketing questions that were impossible or very time-consuming before SegmentSync was in place. Customers save a significant amount of time building reports because of the proper harmonious integration SegmentSync provides them.

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