Harmonious Syncing

Syncs correct and actionable data into Adobe Analytics at the correct time and format.

Syncs from Eloqua to Adobe

Data syncing from Eloqua to Adobe allows for true campaign performance clarity. This isn’t a data moving solution, it is a true harmonious syncing integration where data is sync at the right time, and to the right Adobe variable 100% of the time without loss in data timing quality.

Syncs from Adobe to Eloqua

Data syncing from Adobe to Eloqua allows for insights on visitor behavior, engagement, and experience. Lead score, nurture, and gain insights on how ABM is truly performing.

Syncs Real-time Known Visitor Sessions

Data syncing from Eloqua to Adobe in real-time adds the final layer for the true campaign and visitor performance clarity. We’ve built the only real-time integration from Eloqua to Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and AEM that offers 1to1 real-time personalization abilities at scale.

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Increase in pipeline Growth

Successful 6 Months Eloqua Pilot. Global Expansion and Roll-out for Oracle | Eloqua.


Increase in form Submissions


Increase in CTR


Increase in annual revenue

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