Sync YouTube Video Viewer Engagement Data into Eloqua

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VidSync Capabilities


  • Fully compatible with Eloqua 9 hosted pages
  • Fully compatible with Eloqua 10 hosted pages
  • Compatible with pages hosted outside of Eloqua

Viewer's Device

  • Saves device type, iPad, desktop, or mobile phone
  • Saves OS type

Data Storage

  • Data saved to an Eloqua Custom Object


  • Uses Google Oauth2 for YouTube
  • Uses Oracle Oauth2 for Eloqua
  • Works with Secure Landing pages

Simple User Interface

  • Three step wizard
  • Simple and Advanced Video search
  • Resize video

Activity & Engagement

  • See activities show up in Prospect Profiler
  • Unknown users views are merged when they become a known visitor

Supports Demandbase

  • Saves Company name
  • Saves Company Annual Revenue
  • Saves Account Type
  • Saves Employee Range

Lead Scoring Models

  • Individual Scoring Model Score contacts who watched XYZ Video for at least 50 seconds.
  • Group Scoring Model Score contacts who watch Support or Sales Videos for at least 50 seconds.
  • Aggregate Scoring Model Score contacts who have at least 7 minutes of total video views since last week.

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