Enautics is the go to partner for integrating your Adobe Experience Cloud with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Who We Are

Enautics came to be as a result of frustrations experienced by our founder while being a digital marketer and director, who utilized Eloqua and Omniture SiteCatalyst (Adobe Analytics) back in 2008.

What we noticed was poor integrations between these two powerful solutions and ineffective use of those two systems. If we could somehow pour our expertise into a solution that sped up the data syncing between these two solutions while supporting the complex Adobe Analytics reporting framework, we could drive our marketing campaigns to award-winning levels.

In 2012, we received a call from Oracle asking if we would like to be the partner to develop a solution that would replace their legacy Eloqua and Adobe Analytics (Omniture Genesis) integration. We realized this was the opportunity to use our expertise in Oracle Marketing Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud to greatly improve the integration. Our integration, SegmentSync, was born.

We’ve identified several problems that block companies from using these products to their fullest. We’ve developed unique software solutions to speed up your Oracle Marketing Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud by harmoniously syncing data or assets between the two solutions.


Triple Bottom Line Values

We take a “triple bottom line” approach to our values. That means we have three priorities, in this order:

  1. People. Enautics’ stakeholders aren’t just our owners. We consider every person we engage with to be vital to our company’s process, and we treat them with respect. That includes our customers and clients, employees, suppliers, contractors, business partners, investors and the broader community. By remembering our obligations to the individuals and organizations we work with and for, we cultivate positive relationships and a stellar reputation, while providing excellent service throughout our communities.
  2. The planet. The environment is our home. Sustainable business practices are key to our operations, and protect the planet for future generations. They make sound economic sense, both in the short and long terms.
  3. Profit. Only when we fulfill our obligations to our community and the environment will we achieve true prosperity. Enautics never places profits over humans or the environment.

We are always looking for ways to serve our clients and our broader community, that support our triple bottom line values.